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MCM 2015 - All Rights Reserved Another Designer: The Advertising Agency   Email Us Road Infrastructure Public Health Park & Recreational Facilities Public Transport Permits Waste Collection Our Services Vision Statement The City of Mbabane will be the preferred destination in Southern Africa offering quality life Mission The City of Mbabane shall strive to deliver high quality services through: • Preserving, protecting and enhancing the quality of life • Harnessing growth, development, good governance, responsive quality services for all Stakeholders • Sustainable development based on modern technological, environmental, economic and social principles. Waste Collection The Sanitation Unit is responsible to provide effective and efficient waste collection and disposal, nuisance abatement and sanitary services within the urban area. Events Municipal Council of Mbabane events. Above is a picture taken during the 2015 Women & Volunteer Day celebration held at The Prince of Wales Stadium Road Maintenance Road Maintenance involves pothole patching (paved roads), re-graveling (unpaved roads), cleaning of storm water drains, street sweeping and litter collection. Land Sales & Development Control Steps to follow when buying land in the city of Mbabane. Licence Inspection Services All food premises are graded in Mbabane and the idea was conceptualized in 1997. Clients Feeedback This section of the Website enables our valued clients to Log their Complaints and Compliments for quality assurance purposes. Rates Calculator Rates Outstanding Balance Street Guide Complaints System Information Centre Quick Links Weather