Food Inspection conducted in one of the food shops in town. You are here: Community Services - Food Inspection Social Networks License Inspection Services: A health report has to be issued before a licence can be granted, renewed, transferred or removed. Application forms to request for inspections are available in the Environmental Health Services Department and online. The applicant should ensure that premises are in good condition and sanitary facilities are in place before submitting an application to avoid unnecessary delays and costs. All food premises are graded in Mbabane and the idea was conceptualized in 1997. This is done for the following reasons: To ensure that the condition of the food outlet is known by the customer prior to making a purchase To promote food hygiene in food outlets To ensure that the Public Health Act of 1969, the Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations of 1973 and other relevant regulation are complied with. Food premises include: Restaurants Butcheries Supermarkets Bakeries Groceries Wholesalers How is grading done? The food premises are graded twice a year using an audit/score sheet. The audit/score sheets are made in accordance to the type of food outlet. There are given points for each area of inspection and during the grading exercise the food premises either scores the given score or less. It is important to note that the audit/score form is made in accordance with the Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations of 1973. The scores obtained are then totalled and the grade is then decided upon using the total number of points obtained. Grades are as follows: GRADE A=90-100 GRADE B=80-89 GRADE C=70-79 GRADE D=60-69 GRADE E=50-DOWN Rates Calculator Complaints System Street Guide Check your Monthly Statements Information Centre Quick Links Weather