Road Maintenance Road Maintenance involves pothole patching (paved roads), re-graveling (unpaved roads), cleaning of storm water drains, street sweeping and litter collection, cutting and removal of overgrown grass, shrubs and trees from road sides, road signage and marking, implementation of traffic calming and control measures, such as speed humps to calm traffic along busy roads and to protect pedestrians against speeding traffic. Public requests for maintenance work are captured in a Maintenance Schedule that is updated weekly and is implemented in accordance with the Minimum Service Levels Standards set by Council to ensure quality services. For example, requests for pothole patching are attended to between 48 hrs to 3 days after reporting in favourable weather conditions. Street sweeping and litter collection is done daily while drain cleaning is done monthly and after every heavy storm. You are here: Technical Services - Road Works The view of Mbabane City Bus Rank    Social Networks Rates Calculator Complaints System Street Guide Check your Monthly Statements Information Centre Quick Links Weather