Waste Collection Truck of the Council    You are here: Community Services- Waste Management  Waste Collection The Sanitation Unit is responsible to provide effective and efficient waste collection and disposal, nuisance abatement and sanitary services within the urban area. The section collects waste from within the urban area of Mbabane. Waste is collected twice a week from the residential areas, three times a week from the Industrial sites and six times a week from the commercial centre. Dowload Waste Collection Schedule Bio waste: Council collects bio waste from surgeries within the urban area every Thursday. The purpose for providing this  service is to ensure that unsuspecting people are not adversely affected by the waste. Council charges E103/  month/surgery. Special collection of waste: In case of an abnormally large amount of waste, a special application is made and the fees charged are as follows: Small domestic animal:             E55.00 Large animal:                            E138.00 Garden waste:                          E68.00 Applications are submitted to the Cashier in the Department of Finance. Waste Water Collection: Council offers a waste water collection service to all individuals within the urban area however people should ensure that: The septic tank can be accessed by the vacuum tanker A fee charged by Council for this service is paid; the fee is E160 which excludes fees charged for disposal of sewerage into the sewer system and fees charged for premises falling outside the urban area of Mbabane. A fee for depositing waste in the sewerage system has been paid by the applicant to SWSC and the receipt is submitted to Council. Social Networks Rates Calculator Complaints System Street Guide Check your Monthly Statements Waste Collection schedule Quick Links Weather