Council Profile


About The Council

Our Slogan
"Responsive Quality Service on Time"

Vision Statement
The City of Mbabane will be an Attractive Smart City, offering Quality life and opportunities for all

The City of Mbabane shall strive to deliver high quality services through:
Preserving, protecting and enhancing the quality of life of its residents and businesses.
Harnessing growth, development, good governance, responsive quality services for all Stakeholders.
Sustainable development based on modern technological, environmental, economic and social principles.

Shared Values
The City is committed to uphold and be guided by the following shared values at all times in its internal and external operations:
Communication : We strive for excellent communication.
Unity : We are building an organization where we want to work as a team in providing support and complementary efforts.
Respect : We uphold respect for individuals/stakeholders.
Customer Focus : We are a customer focused organisation.
Reliability : We are building a reliable organisation where we will honour our commitments to deliver services.