f) Umsebe Accord – Twinning Programme (2012)

e) Maputo – Mbabane Cooperation Programme (2012)
April 17, 2018
Fort Worth
April 17, 2018

This is a new agreement that was entered into by the Municipalities of Mbombela, Mbabane, Matola and Nkomazi. It serves to consolidate the protocols contained in the bilateral Memorandum of Understanding between the Municipalities. It also accommodates the Municipality of Nkomazi which was not part of the bilateral agreements. In fact, Nkomazi does not a bilateral agreement hence the establishment of this Umsebe Accord. It derived its name from the fact that the Municipalities that are party to it are all on the Eastern part of Southern Africa. “Umsebe” means the sun raises that appear as the sun rises from the East. The objectives of the Accord are similar to the bilateral ones except that there are more specific programmes identified for implementing within the next few years.

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