f) Umsebe Accord – Twinning Programme (2012)
April 17, 2018
International Leadership Academy
April 17, 2018

Fort Worth- Mbabane Sister Cities Twinning Programme (2004) This is the first relationship the City of Mbabane has established with a City from the United States of America in the State of Texas. The City of Fort Worth, visited South Africa and Swaziland seeking for a City to twin with. After having visited a number of Cities in this South Africa (Pretoria, Buffalo City and Cape Town) and in Swaziland (Mbabane), it came to the conclusion that it will be interested in forging such relations with the City of Mbabane in Swaziland.

The formal signing of this relationship was done in Fort Worth by the Mayor of Fort Worth Mr. Mike Moncrief and the Mayor of Mbabane, Clr.Mr.Zephania Nkambule in 2004.This was to be the beginning of great cooperation programme between the two Cities. [Note: Clr. Stands for Councillor]


The sister city relations in Fort Worth is coordinated by a non-profit making organization called the Fort Worth Sister Cities International (FWSCI).


The main programmes that have been sustained are;

“The Construction of the Nkwalini Health Centre with the assistance of funds sourced by Fort Worth Sister Cities International (FWSCI) from the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation.

“The international Leadership Academy (ILA) that is held in Fort Worth in July of every year. This is a programme which is attended by high School kids from Cities that are members of the FWSCI. Mbabane has been sending students from different schools since 2005 to this academy with the financial help from partners of the FWSCI”

Fort Worth youth Ambassadors is a programme for young people in High School to have an opportunity to learn and experience Swazi culture and life.They visit Mbabane during the month of June each year

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