Pay Property Rates In Full Before 30 June To Win Fantastic Prizes

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April 8, 2018
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April 8, 2018

Mbabane – Here is a chance for Mbabane property owners to win amazing prizes by participating in the ‘Pay your rates and win competition.”

In the previous installment of the competition, property owners that participated stood a chance to win refrigerators, beds, lounge sets and other furniture items and the Council encourages all property owners in Mbabane to enter the competition by paying their rates in full by 30 June 2018.

Council has over the years issued incentives to ratepayers in order to stimulate maximum rates collection within the first quarter of the financial year. This is done in order to enable the council to be able to deliver on its mandate of quality service provision to both residents and general public who come to do business in the city.

The response to the incentives based collection approach has been growing over the years as ratepayers continue to respond positively and the collection figures showed some improvement year on year. Council would like to encourage ratepayers to pay their rates in full on or before the 30th June 2018 in order to qualify for the competition. The qualifying entrants will be considered for a draw which will be conducted in July 2018 at Council offices where they will stand a chance of winning a wide range of interesting prizes.


Rates are a tax levied on property located within the urban boundary and as such the local authority is operating under delegated power from government to collect the tax from every property within the municipal boundary. The fundamental purpose of collecting property tax is to enable the council to carry out its obligatory duties to the urban community which are financing projects and providing services to the residents of the city.

2018 / 2019 RATES

It is important to highlight that the 2018/2019 rates tariffs have been published in the print media and government gazette. Ratepayers may now compute for themselves the rates for the current financial year using the valuation of their properties. Council is in the process of raising rates bills and same will be mailed to their postal addresses before the end of April 2018. If a ratepayer happens not to receive his or her rates bills by the 30th of April 2018, he or she must contact Council and enquire about the bill.

The deadline for paying the current rates is the 30th of June 2018. If the payment for the current rates is not received by the stipulated date, council will levy interest charges at 15% per annum as per the provisions of the rating act.


In order to avoid interest charges on your account, Council allows for monthly installments towards settling your rates bill. Utilizing instalment arrangements offered by council will require the property owner to register with the Council between April and June each year. Ratepayers are given six months to settle their rates bills. (July to December.) One can prolong the repayment period to nine (9) months provided he or she signs off the agreement in April and start paying in the same month. All instalment agreements should be paid up by December each year. Ratepayers on this arrangement who default on payments have their instalment arrangement terminated and interest levied for the months in default.



The council has made it easy for customers to make payment for rates. Council holds accounts in all the commercial banks in the country and ratepayers may utilize these bank accounts to make payments. Ratepayers may also use the following means of payment:

  • Electronic internet and Transfers (EFTs) (Please put in your statement account number as reference for the payment.)
  • Cash or cheques at council offices.
  • Debit and credit cards.

Council is in the process of engaging the mobile money service provider where ratepayers will utilize this facility to make payment using their cellphones. Anyone who wishes to get information on council activities may visit the council’s website on, call the offices on 24097000 and or personally visit the council’s offices.

Council put in place a Rates Balance Checking Facility on the website which enables ratepayers to access information on their rates balances remotely. Ratepayers are urged to register with the council first before utilizing this facility.  Council also has an informative Facebook page where there is adequate information on rates and other services provided by the council and we encourage members of the public to use this platform to communicate with us.



Mbabane –  The Public Health Unit and AMICAALL / SOCIAL SERVICES department commemorated by the International TB Day in collaboration with Christian University Students and PSI Swaziland at the bus rank. The commemoration was aimed at raising an awareness to the general public and public transport users as an educational session was conducted through giving them information on how TB is spread from one person to another and what needs to be done in order to prevent TB and how important it is for one to get screened for TB.


The Christian University students rendered a drama on adherence once one has started TB since TB is a curable disease when detected early. After the play there was a question and answer session on TB. The public won t-shirts, key holders, lunch cooler bags, sunglasses and umbrellas that were from PSI Swaziland dreams on wheels’ project. Services provided on the day were TB screening, BMI, HIV TESTING SERVICES and linking of clients found reactive to TB and HIV for the initiation of ART services at nearest health facilities, condoms were also made available to the public and demonstration as means of preventing the spread of HIV, STI’s and unwanted pregnancies.




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