Mbabane Mayor, Sikhumbuzo Dube’s Speech

Remarks For Mbabane Mayor, Councillor Zephaniah Nkambule
July 21, 2021
September 9, 2021


Councillors of the Municipal Council of Mbabane present here todayRepresentatives of Corporate organisations that have sponsored today’s eventGolf teams that have participated in this year’s tournamentMembers of the mediaLadies and Gentlemen, A good afternoon to you all
  • I feel honoured that my first official public engagement as Mbabane Mayor is to host this year’s Mayor’s Golf Cup.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very important calendar entry for the City of Mbabane as, through this event, we have created a platform through which we use the power of sport to make a significant contribution to our society.
  • Not only does Sport engagement keep the mind active but it is also through sport that we make lasting friendships and grow stronger networks for future successes.
  • Most of you present here today already hold Executive positions in your highly esteemed organisations and are industry Captains too. These two factors mean you have full appreciation and understanding of the value of networking. It is for this reason, therefore, that Council attaches so much value to the annual Mayor’s Golf Cup.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, for the past editions of the Mayor’s Golf Cup, Council has been trying to raise funds to build a house for Gogo Hleziphi Nkambule. Nkambule is the head of a destitute family and lives in a dilapidated house at Mncitsini area. Upon learning about her plight, council secured a plot where Gogo Hleziphi’s house will be built.
  • Despite all of Council’s concerted efforts, the construction of the much needed two bedroom house for the family has not commenced and that is solely because not enough resources have come Council’s way to warrant the commission of this charity project. We hope therefore that zzyour continued support towards this event will see council realise her vision of giving gogo Nkambule a decent place of abode.
  • Hence, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Council, I would like to send a plea to corporates that wish to throw their weight behind this project, to indicate your willingness to lend a hand and change Gogo Hleziphi’s life of strife, as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.
  • To assist offer you and your teams a feel of the project, the Management team has packaged information that will give you an insight of the proposed project. Please feel free to get in touch with any member of the management team to explore possible partnership opportunities with Council on this charity project.
  • Further to that, just so that you appreciate the level of Council involvement in supporting the needy in our community, we would like to bring to your attention that:
    • Council operates 11 soup kitchens across the city’s 12 wards, and recently completed the construction of the 12th state of the art additional kitchen and preschool.
    • Council provides two meals per day to 984 children in the city.
    • Council also provides early childhood care and development (pre-school education) in 11 centres.
  • These figures are of course set to increase with the opening of the new social centre at Sidwashini. And as impressive as these figures are, I am sad to mention that Council’s effort is not enough to take care of all the needy people in Mbabane and that is why I want to ask the business community to help Council make a difference.
  • On another note, Golf players mostly constitute the business community and a key sector of the ratepayers in Mbabane. For this reason, I wish to assure you that through your efforts, Council will continue to direct sizable resources and funds towards the rehabilitation of the capital’s ageing road network.
  • I also wish to extend an invite to you and your esteemed business associates to explore private partnership opportunities with Council as there are a number of business sites within the urban boundary that provide viable business opportunities for both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs. The following opportunities are open right now:
  1. The Old Abattoir at Mvakwalitje is available as an investment opportunity to build a commercial centre.
  2. Also, along Mkhonubovu road at Checkers there is an opportunity for partnership with Council on a plot measuring 5.400 square metres to construct residential units.
  3. Then along Mkhaya Road at Checkers on a plot measuring 1,500 square metres Checkers there is another opportunity to construct residential units. In all of these public private partnership opportunities, Council is open to listen to proposals. The deadline for submission of proposals is on the 27th of May by noon.
  • Lladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to state that Council has a number of key developments that have taken place in the city, which will inform the vision and road map of the Municipal Council of Mbabane from 2019 to 2024. As you may have seen in the media, Council recently completed the formulation of a new Integrated Development Plan (IDP), which is the blue print for the city’s strategic focus for the period of five years.
  • One of the developments directly linked to your favourite Sport, I want to announce that Council’s plans to move the golf course to Mantjolo area are already underway and consultations with both the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the Mnisi clan are already at an advanced stage.
  • Once again we thank you for participating in this year’s Mayor’s Golf Cup. We do hope you will partner with the Municipal Council of Mbabane again next year and I have noted the need to make this event bigger, the response and support exceeded our expectations hence the need to ensure that the event caters for most of our interested supporters and stakeholders.
  • We will rely on your inputs through consultations to give us advice and guidelines in pursuit of our goal of growing the event.
  • I thank you

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