Remarks For Mbabane Mayor , Councillor Zephaniah Nkambule

Mayor’s Statement on Violence and Crime – Media
July 14, 2021
His Worship, Mayor S. Dube’s Remarks “Pay Your Rate And Win Competition” Prize Presentation Ceremony
July 21, 2021

Venue: Emafini
Date: 25/06/2021

Distinguished leaders,

Representatives of various entities,

The student organizers of ‘The No Tobacco Drive’

All protocol observed

Greet you all.

❖ It is my singular honour and pleasure to welcome you all in the Capital of the
Kingdom of Eswatini for this inaugural event.
❖ The Municipal Council of Mbabane is very excited to host this very important
initiative for the benefit of our youth. The magnitude of health and social impacts
of tobacco smoking in our society cannot be overestimated. Tobacco smoking
poses challenges to both the young and old people in all our communities.
❖ The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore the impact of
tobacco in our society which has sadly, for a while, not been given due prominence
in comparison to other problems that are faced by our society. I firmly believe that
today’s initiative seeks to raise awareness of dangers of tobacco in our
❖ The dangers of tobacco are all known and that is why health professionals warn
everyone, especially the youth, that smoking at a young age harms the
development of body features.
❖ It is on that premise that I would like to commend the Association of Students
Against Drug Abuse and Trafficking (SADAT) for this intervention. When an
intervention to promote health is spearheaded by young people from institutes of
learning, then there is hope for the future of this Nation.
❖ With those few words I would like to thank you again SADAT and encourage you
to continue with this good initiative. I want to assure you that the Municipal Council
of Mbabane will do all it can to support this initiative.


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