Social Inclusion Day His Worship Mayor, Councillor Sikhumbuzo Dube

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July 21, 2021
Mayor’s End Of Year Remarks
July 21, 2021

DATE: 30 March 2021

Your Worship Deputy Mayor Mr Zephania Nkambule


Mcm Management

President Of The Federation Of People Living With Disabilities In

Eswatini Mr Sipho Dlamini

Ladies And Gentlemen


❖ We thank God for His Love and mercies for preserving us and enabling us to
come together at such an inaugural special day. It is not by our might but only
though his grace that we are still alive during a period of unprecedented grief,
fear and uncertainty.
❖ It is a great pleasure for me to be standing here today in front of you on this
important inaugural day that we have coined “Mbabane Social Inclusion Day”.
This is a day on which Council has come out to meet with one of her important
stakeholders with the purpose of sharing her vision of being “A Smart City
offering quality life for all”.
❖ We have come to invite you to share this vision with the municipality and work
together to make it a reality. In an inclusive city, everyone is important and has
a role to play in its development. It is on that premise that we gathered here

today; we want to make Mbabane a social inclusive city and that calls for every
resident and institution to embrace diversity, to promote social inclusion,
tolerance and respect for all.
❖ Ladies and gentlemen, it please me to report that Council has already started
the rollout of programmes that support social inclusion. The installation of
audio-able traffic lights, promoting the fitment of lifts that have braille provision
to assist residents that live with visual impairment, the installation of yellow
guide blocks along the Mbabane main streets are some of the programmes
through which the municipality aims to deliver a socially inclusive society.
❖ To demonstrate this I would like to give out this basketball outfit so that you are
not excluded from social life because of your disability. I urge you to be free to
make suggestions on how the city can be more accessible and welcoming to
you. I also promise you that the observation of this day will be an annual event
in Council’s calendar.
❖ Once again, your participation in Council events and services is important and
I am looking forward to that.

Thank you

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